NLP Coaching Cards Unpacked

NLP Coaching Cards Unpacked

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Discover how you can tap into more power and understanding from the NLP Coaching Cards from the companion product : NLP Coaching Cards Unpacked Audio Programme

A central aspect of NLP is a powerful set of language patterns called The Meta-Model, a set of questioning tools modelled by Richard Bandler and John Grinder from two of the therapeutic geniuses of the 20th century, Fritz Perls and Virginia Satir.

It was the first creation in the field of NLP, and formed the basis for subsequent discoveries in the field. The Meta-Model works on the following principle: people don't experience reality directly, but rather through the maps of reality they create in their minds. When people have a problem or challenge, it does not typically exist - in reality - it exists in their map of reality. If you can enrich their map, their experience of the world will become richer. Enrich their map enough, and their problems will be solved, their challenges overcome.

The Meta-Model is the principle tool for discovering where and how to enrich a person's map.

Here are a couple of the things the Meta-Model can be used for :

  • Taking some of the less useful things people said to the extremes, to make their problems seem absurd and ridiculous.
  • Taking incredibly creative perspectives on the client's situation, helping the person to become more resourceful in the process.

The reason we're always excited about this product is because it is so effective. The more sensory channels you engage in the learning process the faster you learn the material.

Unfortunately, the Meta-Model has a reputation for being difficult to learn. As a result, this incredibly powerful tool is criminally undertaught. But that's about to change!

We've taken the revolutionary step of combining the Meta-Model questions with some of the most powerful coaching strategies that exist today, to create NLP Coaching Cards Unpacked Audio Programme. This audio can be used by individuals and groups to wire in these incredibly powerful coaching questions. Imagine being able to:

  • Ask questions that amaze your clients, you colleagues, your friends and even yourself with the quality of answers you'll get.
  • Overcome barriers and obstacles that have been holding people back.
  • Have these skills at your fingertips after you've listened to this audio just a few times!
  • Ways to trigger the hidden non-verbal cues that will reveal how someone is structuring their internal reality (a person's internal reality is what determines what is and isn't possible for them).
  • Tools to reveal the hidden motivations and deep desires that are really driving you and your clients. If you don't know these, people's behaviour is often baffling, but when you discover these drivers, suddenly even the most bizarre behaviours make sense.
  • A simple but little-known tool for breaking unhelpful generalisations. If you've ever had the frustration of trying unsuccessfully to challenge people's generalisations (even when you know the NLP Meta-model), you have to learn this technique.
  • The belief-buster challenges you can use to start uncovering and dismantling limiting beliefs, using nothing more than simple questions.
  • How you can use a simple question you already know, but in a counter-intuitive way that will get people to instantly disassociate from negative states. I've met very few people who know how to use this question in this way - even experienced Master Practitioners of NLP!
  • The 'softeners' that are essential to making your questions gentle and unintrusive. If you don't know these, you may be breaking rapport just by asking genuine questions.
  • The best tool I've ever found for exploring the deeper emotions and values that drive people's desires and attachments. You'll be able to discover what really makes someone tick.
  • A method to discover someone's hot buttons and motivation words in any situation. You'll be blown away by the powerful effect of using their exact words to motivate them.
  • A powerful tool for discovering the negative drivers behind fears, worries and compulsions. Like a scalpel or dynamite, this technique is so powerful that it must be used very carefully, and only when there is deep rapport between client and coach.
  • The secret key that instantly increases the likelihood of success in any endeavour. When you and your clients are able to say yes to this question, success is virtually guaranteed.
  • Powerful tools for uncovering the hidden aspects of a person's limiting beliefs. You have to be able to uncover these hidden aspects if the beliefs are to change.
  • Sometimes people are sure about things which aren't actually useful to them. You'll learn how to use a person's negative certainty against itself, to open the process of possibility.
  • A method for increasing the positive extremes a person can go to, whether what they need more of is love, happiness, pleasure, success, money? whatever you choose!
  • The simple phrases you can use at the beginning of a session to massively increase the ease and effectiveness of the work you do.

Here's what some of the world's greatest coaches and NLP Trainers are already saying about these patterns :

I've often joked that if I could only hire myself, my life would get much better and fast! SALAD's NLP Coaching Cards have allowed me to do just that - to coach myself to success by letting the cards ask me the same kinds of high quality questions that make coaching such an effective way of opening up new possibilities for yourself and your clients. This is a fun and friendly way to learn and master the skills of coaching mastery. [Michael Neill - Author of "You Can Have What You Want"]
I've just had a deck-o at SALAD's NLP Coaching Cards. What a touch of genius. All you ever needed to know and more about the meta model in a pack of playing cards. The greatest learning comes when you're having fun, so not only can you play poker with these cards, you can also uncover what's going on behind the poker faces! And if you are planning to attend one of SALAD's courses, instead of taking notes, you can fully have the experience safe in the knowledge that all the information is contained in this pack of cards. Ace! [Peta Heskell - Author of 'Flirt Coach', NLP Trainer and creator of the Flirting Weekend -]
Innovative and truly helpful, SALAD's coaching cards are a wonderful way to learn skilful questioning techniques that not only help coaching clients but also help the coach to challenge their own limitations and ‘stuck’ points. They are great teaching aids and not just for coaches. I use them in my NLP training classes to enhance the Meta Model training and I carry them around with me just in case I need to think beyond the box too. I can see many creative ways of using these cards such as development of a new product line, exploring creativity, goalsetting, negotiations and conflict resolution. Jamie’s vision is for every coach to own a set of these cards. I think anyone who is involved in helping people whether it be as a manager, coach or therapist can benefit from these cards. [Kathy Strong - Professional Communication & Labour Efficiency Consultant]
I can recommend these coaching cards as an excellent resource for anyone who trains coaching skills, or indeed anyone wanting to get better at coming up with exactly the right coaching questions to ask their clients. The coaching cards pack is one of those 'such a brilliant idea, why didn't I think of it first' concepts. What SALAD has done is to take coaching questions from NLP's meta model, strategy and values elicitations, well-formed outcomes, and presuppositions, along with some from other disciplines such as Solutions Focus, and put them, with examples of how to use them, on a pack of playing cards. You can use them as a teaching aid (playing a simple card game and asking the question on each card you play) or as a revision aid, reminder, or even self-coaching tool. I found at least one clever use for embedded questions that I would never have thought of, and I've been using NLP for 11 years. Superb!" [Andy Smith, Coaching Leaders]

And who is this for?

I'll start (as usual) by saying who it isn't for - it isn't for people who just want the theory but don't want to get their hands dirty. Only purchase this product if you want to develop real skills. People who work in the area of change or are studying it will obviously benefit, including NLP Practitioners, therapists, coaches, trainers, doctors, consultants and the like.

NLP Coaching Cards Unpacked is an audio program, consisting of MP3 audio tracks which will be delivered digitally. After purchasing the product, you will receive a link to download the files. We recommend to download to your PC, extract the zip file and import them into your preferred music/audio player app.